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Meet Dr. Annette M. Stubbs

Spiritual Educator, Author, Life Transformer

Dr. Annette M. Stubbs is a doting wife and mother of 3. She’s a Certified Anger management Specialist & Facilitator, Author, Radio & TV Host, International Empowerment Lecturer, Spiritual Educator, Community Leader and an Entrepreneur. Alongside her husband Dr. Stubbs founded The Church of Freewill Deliverance Praise Outreach Ministries, Inc which she first open the doors in 1997 in Orlando, FL. Today Orlando is their Headquarter church, with a second location in Titusville, FL, a third in Ghana, Africa, and  several affiliated ministries throughout the USA, Canada, the UK and Cat Island Bahamas.

Dr. Stubbs is internationally known and thousands of viewers are being blessed weekly by her FaceBook live Broadcast. She is the founder of the Break of Day Global Ministries, Evolve Concept Institute & Services, and The Break of Day Prayer Line. Dr. Stubbs has sat on the General Council Board of the Apostolic Association of Church Ministers and Leaders International for the past 2 years. She was also nominated for the 2014 Blue Indigo Award from the Epsilon Epsilon Zeta Chapter of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated and she was awarded the title of the Block Captain for the Parramore Community in Orlando, FL.


Dr. Stubbs is an Co Author in “Not Just Another Story But Her Story” with 13 other amazing women with two of the ladies been her own biological children Shanta  & Sheaneaka. This book went number one best seller on Amazon the first day of release.  Dr. Stubbs currently preparing to release her third literary work,  Prime Time 2 Pray. This book will get you prepared on how to grow deeper in intercession and in your prayer life. As the former personal intercessor for the late Rev Jan Crouch, co-
founder of the TBN Christian Broadcast Network, Dr. Annette M. Stubbs is anointed to pray and seek the face of God for a life transformation, and in this book she is teaching others how to do the same. Over the last two decades Dr. Stubbs has become a fixture of inspiration, hope and new life for so many. Humble
beginnings give her the exact testimony that is needed when you need to hear that there is hope and purpose for every human being who walks this earth. Dr. Stubbs has turned her humble beginnings into inspiration and a true empire for people to be
educated, and equipped and empowered to live their best life no matter What walk of life they are coming from.


“Don’t look in despair or defeated when there is a winner on the inside of you” At times we all  experience difficult times in our lives and some days are challenges and strenuous . Through spiritual enrichment I can help you create a inspiring life with vision. I can help you discover your unique purpose and desires for your future and bring the right contribution to you to specialize in your God given talents and gifts. I’m here to serve you as your confidant and motivator to push you to your highest potential. Until you reach the pinnacle of life. And that’s “Greatest “

I believe that we all came into this world with a divine purpose that allow us to fulfill it in our own distinct way. We are living in alignment and anchored to our core values and purpose through my sessions. I facilitate awareness for my client to stimulate recognition of many more choices and options in their life which they were completely unaware of I am your motivator. 

Dr. Annette M.Stubbs
 Spiritual Educator, Author, Life Transformer

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Dr. Annette M. Stubbs

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