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Dr. Stubbs currently preparing to release her third literary work, A Prime Time 2 Pray. This book will get you prepared on how to grow deeper in intercession and in your prayer life. As the former personal intercessor for the late Rev Jan Crouch, co-
founder of the TBN Christian Broadcast Network, Dr. Annette M. Stubbs is anointed to pray and seek the face of God for a life transformation, and in this book she is teaching others how to do the same. Over the last two decades Dr. Stubbs has become a fixture of inspiration, hope and new life for so many. Humble
beginnings give her the exact testimony that is needed when you need to hear that there is hope and purpose for every human being who walks this earth. Dr. Stubbs has turned her humble beginnings into inspiration and a true empire for people to be
educated, and equipped and empowered to live their best life no matter What walk of life they are coming from.